OkiOki delivers your client’s paperwork complete and in real-time on your desk.

And you can stick to your favorite bookkeeping software.
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Credit card expenses ... it's always a mess
My clients’ paperwork is often incomplete and I loose time chasing them
Every documents in UBL format, including receipts ... that would be great!
If you recognize yourself in one of the above situations, then OkiOki is here to help you out.

Your clients struggle more and more collecting their invoices?
Let OkiOki help them.

Today, invoices are scattered around in so many (virtual) places that it’s hard work catching them all. And that’s exactly where OkiOki takes over.

OkiOki crawls their e-mail in search for invoices and receipts. But she not only captures attached invoices. She converts e-mail receipts into PDFs, tracks download links in the e-mail and browses their supplier portals to get the invoice.

And of course, OkiOki integrates with their cloud storage and allows them to snap photos of paper copies.

Your clients’ administration is never complete?
OkiOki is on top of things.

OkiOki integrates with the entrepreneurs’ bank account. Because their bank transactions are the financial heartbeat of their business. And by keeping track of their transactions and their creditcard statements and matching them with their invoices and receipts, OkiOki knows if they are missing a single document.

Btw, OkiOki also tracks the bank transactions of solo proprietorships. This way their files are always complete and they can also recover a maximum of taxes.

The end of the quarter is still a bottleneck?
OkiOki keeps you and your clients on track, day by day.

OkiOki is working for you day and night. Every time she resolves a transaction, she sends you the matching document and meta data.

When her matching magic needs some help from your clients, she creates handy todo lists for them and nudges them to get the job done. Not by the end of the quarter but every week, in little snippets. She will chase them, so you don’t have to.

And once you have experienced that quarterly feeling of being on top of things, you never go back. That’s what we call the OkiOki feeling.

You miss information for a 100% reconciliation?
OkiOki has all the data you need.

Okioki has access to bank transactions and documents. But beyond that she harvests a lot of meta data related to your clients' administration:

  • which document matches with which transaction
  • which expense is personal or done with cash
  • which payment is still outstanding
  • ...

And so in case your accountancy software can’t reconciliate a transaction or document, you can find all real-time data in OkiOki.

You already have enough software to manage?
OkiOki blends seamlessly into your way of working.

OkiOki sends your clients’ documents (UBL) in real-time to you and integrates with your existing bookkeeping software or with your own document management system (DMS).

As you would expect from an assistant, OkiOki adapts to your way of working, not the other way around.

The OkiOki feeling at a small price

1 bank connection
1 email connection
1 storage connection
25 documents/m
€ 0.50/extra document
Most popular
2 bank connections
2 email connections
2 storage connections
70 documents/m
€ 0.30/extra document
3 bank connections
3 email connections
3 storage connections
200 documents/m
€ 0.20/extra document

Deze prijzen zijn per administratie en excl. BTW. Vraag ons om een demo en we bespreken graag met jou onze volumeprijzen.

What others are saying

Wow, OkiOki involves entrepreneurs with their administration in a very pleasant way. Less documents lost. A must for the chaotic minds.
Robin Van De Velde, partner Mijnboekhouder.eu
A failing information throughput is still a big source of waste of time, wether you're into digital or analogue accounting. So frustrating for both accountant and entrepreneur! Never having to ask or beg for invoices or receipts thanks to OkiOki - great!
Nathalie De Ceulaer, CEO Qristalfin & author of What the Fund

Let's wrap up

Integration with the email accounts of your clients
Capturing attached invoices
Converting email receipts into PDFs
Tracking download links in the email
Downloading invoices from supplier portals
Digitising paper documents
OCR and data recognition
Integration with the cloud storage of your clients
Integration with the bank accounts of your clients, incl. sole proprietorships
Matching (credit card) transactions and documents
Adding comments to transactions and documents
Adding tags to transactions and documents
Follow up of due payments
Automated todo lists and reminders
Online archive of all documents
Real-time access to the transactions and documents of your clients
Real-time access to all meta data
Integration with your accountancy software or DMS
And ... the relaxed OkiOki feeling

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