OkiOki, the digital assistant that automates your financial paperwork.

Good for you and your business ;-)
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The end of the quarter always comes at the wrong moment.
Invoices in my mailbox, in Doccle, on the portal of my supplier … and on paper … what a mess.
I hate my financial paperwork.
If you recognize yourself in one of the above situations, then OkiOki is here to help you out.

You struggle with finding all your invoices?
Let OkiOki do the job.

OkiOki crawls your e-mail in search for invoices and receipts. But she not only captures attached invoices. She converts e-mail receipts into PDFs, tracks download links in the e-mail and browses your supplier portals to get you the invoice.

And of course, OkiOki integrates with your cloud storage, allows you to snap photos of paper copies and offers you a personal OkiOki email address for easy forwarding of invoices.

Btw, OkiOki keeps every document safely stored and optionally syncs it back to your own cloud storage.

You lose money every quarter because of lost documents or late payments?
OkiOki is on top of things.

OkiOki integrates with your bank account. Because your bank transactions are the financial heartbeat of your business. And by keeping track of your transactions (including your credit card statements) and matching them with your invoices and receipts, OkiOki knows if you’re missing a document or if an invoice if not paid yet.

Together with OkiOki you put an end to losing recoverable taxes and paying fines for late payments.

You rather spend the last Sunday of the quarter with your family than cleaning up your administration?
OkiOki keeps you on track, day by day.

OkiOKi is working for you day and night. Only when she really needs your help, she’ll come back to you. She preps you handy todo lists. A great time spend when waiting in the checkout line ;-) Your administration on track day by day, goodbye to the quarterly hassle.

And each time you get your todo list down to zero, you will enjoy the OkiOki feeling.

Are you chased by your accountant for documents and bank statements?
OkiOki keeps your accountant in the loop.

OkiOki sends your documents in real-time to your accountant and integrates with the bookkeeping software. This way the accountant can spread the workload in prepping your tax submission. Less time spent on administration and more on strategic advice for your business.

The OkiOki feeling at a small price

1 bank connection
1 email connection
1 storage connection
25 documents/m
€ 0.50/extra document
Most popular
2 bank connections
2 email connections
2 storage connections
70 documents/m
€ 0.30/extra document
3 bank connections
3 email connections
3 storage connections
200 documents/m
€ 0.20/extra document

Prices excl. VAT.

OkiOki is available for free in beta.
Sign up now and start your OkiOki adventure.
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What others are saying

My first hands-on experience with OkiOki was very positive. The application checks my bank accounts, my incoming invoices in the mail or Google Drive and gives me an overview of what is missing. I guess OkiOki is gonna save me hours of administrative work. The alpha release looks already promising!
Hans Palmers, Owner Mundo Digitalis
As an entrepreneur you need to know how your business is doing. But time is money. And every so many weeks cleaning out my paperwork ... I'd rather spend that time on my clients and my team. That time well spent creates revenue and growth!
Kristel De Prins, managing partnerTimesmore, board member at Artemis and mentor Markant vzw, SterkeOnderneemsters

Let's wrap up

Integration with your email accounts
Capturing attached invoices
Converting email receipts into PDFs
Tracking download links in the email
Downloading invoices from supplier portals
Digitising paper documents
OCR and data recognition
Integration with your cloud storage
Integration with your bank accounts
Matching (credit card) transactions and documents
Adding comments to transactions and documents
Adding tags to transactions and documents
Optimising VAT returns
Follow up of due payments
Automated todo lists and reminders
Online archive of all your documents
Real-time access for your accountant
Integration with the accountancy software
And ... the relaxed OkiOki feeling

OkiOki is available for free in beta.
Sign up now and start your OkiOki adventure.

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