No more searching for your invoices and receipts. OkiOki does the work for you.

OkiOki is here to automate the search and download as well as the delivery of your invoices (and your receipts) to your accountant as much as possible. And automation really means as little as manual and mental effort for you. Most of the administrative shizzle is caused by the fact that your digital invoices are all over the ‘digital’ place. Invoices that are often scattered around in your mailbox, on your supplier portals, in Doccle or Zoomit, … And yes, the majority is still on paper, but more about that later.

Maximum automation, in complete safety

Maximum automation can only be achieved if you allow to give up some control and trust on the powers of OkiOki. Because one of the key advantages of using OkiOki today is that she keeps an eye on your mailbox to fetch your invoices for you. So If you’re looking for maximum automation, then you link your mailbox with OkiOki.

Link je mailbox met OkiOki

If you would wonder if linking your mail box is safe, OkiOki adheres to strict guidelines for data privacy and protection. You can find a summary and all the nitty gritty details of these guidelines in our privacy policy and our terms & conditions. And on top of that, OkiOki is audited and certified by the National Bank of Belgium and Google.

So in all safety OkiOKi integrates with the major international and Belgian local email providers. And in case your provider is not listed in OkiOki, you can always connect via IMAP. Check our FAQ for more info.

Once you have linked your mailbox with OkiOki, she will monitor all your incoming and outgoing emails. By tracking your incoming emails, she is able to find your incoming invoices. By tracking your outgoing emails, she will be able to track your outgoing invoices, as long as you send them via your mailbox. In case you send your own invoices via a dedicated invoicing tool, then put the email address you have linked with OkiOki in (B)CC and she can easily pick them up via your inbox.

How does OkiOki find and download your digital invoices and receipts?

First OkiOki evaluates if an email is relevant for your administration and detects how she will have to download the invoice. Therefore she will match the subject and/or contents of your email against a set of rules. If she finds a positive match, she will download the invoice in one of the following ways:

OkiOki verzamelt facturen uit je mailbox op 4 slimme manieren

Missed an invoice?

If she misses an invoice, you can always send it to her yourself in one of the following ways:

Andere manieren waarop OkiOki facturen en bonnetjes kan ontvangen: mailbox, cloudopslag, doorsturen naar je OkiOki emailadres, uploaden of fotograferen

More than just collecting

Once OkiOki has downloaded your invoice, she will read (Optical Character Recognition), interpret and enrich the content of the invoice and add it to your documents archive. This way you can always consult it in OkiOki and have a backup for the coming years.

Next, OkiOki will match your invoice with your bank transactions. In case she can auto-match (the corresponding bank transaction is found) she will send the invoice (as a UBL - digital invoice) to your accountant. In case a match can not be made, she will need you help and puts the invoice on your todo list.

As you can see, OkiOki is doing her best to collect all your invoices. This makes her unique and already for that reason alone you would want to work with her.

Enjoy all the benefits of OkiOki now for free for 30 days.

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1 bank account
1 mailbox
1 cloud folder
25 documents/m
€ 0.50/extra document
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70 documents/m
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3 cloud folders
200 documents/m
€ 0.20/extra document
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Frequently asked questions about collecting documents

How does OkiOki retrieve my documents?

OkiOki can fetch documents automatically from a mailbox or a cloud storage folder. And you can always manually add document to OkiOki by snapping a photo, uploading a digital document or sending a document to your personal OkiOki email address.

Does OkiOki integrate with Peppol?

For the moment we are not yet integrating with Peppol. But this is part of our roadmap, for incoming as well as outgoing invoices.

Which mailboxes does OkiOki support?

OkiOki integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud/me/, Telenet, Proximus, Scarlet, Skynet, and with every mailbox that supports an IMAP connection.

Can I only add invoices and receipts?

You can add any document to OkiOki that you would like to have instantly available and/or share with your accountant. OkiOki wants to be your one-stop-shop for your financial documents. This includes contracts, agreements, tax statements…

How can I get my outgoing invoices in OkiOki?

There are multiple ways to get your outgoing invoices in OkiOki today:

  • Send them to your clients via your email address linked to OkiOki and they will be picked up automatically.
  • Send them via your favourite invoicing tool and put your linked email address or your personal OkiOki email address in BCC and OkiOki will also pick them up.
  • If you store them somewhere on your cloud storage, then link that cloud storage folder with OkiOki and again, OkiOki will fetch them for you.
  • You can always upload them into OkiOki manually, but hey, who wants to do that if OkiOki can automate it for you.

By the way, by getting your outgoing invoices into OkiOki, she will follow-up on their payment status. Because every unpaid invoice will be missing a transaction. And OkiOki keeps track of that for you.

How does OkiOki send documents to my accountant?

OkiOki converts your documents in real digital invoices (UBL's as they are called) and sends them directly to your accountancy (software) via your personal accountancy email address or FTP.

Can I choose which documents from my mailbox are picked up by OkiOki?

No. OkiOki uses her own intelligence to decide which emails and documents are relevant for your administration. Try her out. You will see that she's quite good in doing this. There are however two ways to 'push' a document to OkiOki:

  • You can put it in a cloud storage folder. Every document in that folder will be picked up by OkiOki.
  • You can send the document to your personal OkiOki email address.

How can I add my credit card statement to OkiOki?

To add your credit card statement to OkiOki, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your menu and select "Upload document" under "Documents"
  2. In your documents, choose the scan of the statement or the PDF you received from the bank.
  3. Add your document. OkiOki will now process your expense report. This may take a few minutes as she will read your document.
  4. Afterwards OkiOki will link the transactions of your expense report to the corresponding documents. If she needs your help, she will let you know via your to-do list.

Important: If you receive your statement on paper, make sure you get a good quality scan. The reading of the different lines requires that the document is perfectly straight on the scan. Also make sure that you scan all pages of your statement for the most correct result.

When does OkiOki send my documents to my accountant?

There are 2 ways in which documents can reach your accountant:

OkiOki forwards it automatically

OkiOki automatically forwards your document to your accountant as soon as she knows it is relevant for accounting purposes. This usually happens in 3 cases:

  • If OkiOki can match a document to a transaction
  • If the document is a sales invoice
  • If OkiOki can recognize that it is a document paid by credit card or direct debit. Then she snoozes the document and forwards it to your accountant.

OkiOki forwards the document after your intervention

This occurs when OkiOki is not sure if a document can be send to your accountant because she can't find a transaction. Then OkiOki will put the document on your task list and it is up to you to indicate if and how that invoice was paid. Once you take one of the following actions, OkiOki will forward the document to your bookkeeper:

  • You set a payment reminder.
  • You indicate that the document was paid by credit card, private money or cash.
  • You snooze a document.

If you delete a document, OkiOki will of course not send it to your accountant.

You can also set up your documents to be sent to your accountant only when you specify it. This is useful if you have an analytical bookkeeping system and you want to indicate to your accountant, for example, to which branch or project this document can be booked.

Can OkiOki help me with invoices I have to download on a supplier portal?

Yes. Lots of suppliers expect you to login to their website to download your invoice. Think about Acerta, Engie, Partena, Proximus, Velocity… OkiOki will relieve you from that hassle as well. If you store your username and password in OkiOki, then she will go and fetch your invoices on their portals. This is one of OkiOki's key strengths today.

Note: OkiOki is built with the most recent security best practices. Credentials you store in OkiOki are only available to the app and to you, even the support team cannot access them.

Can I manually add documents to OkiOki?

Yes you can. There are three ways to do so:

  • You take a picture with the OkiOki app.
  • You upload an existing document (picture/pdf) from your phone or desktop computer.
  • You send a document to your personal OkiOki email address.

Which file types can OkiOki process?

OkiOki can process the following file types: bmp, gif, jpeg, pdf, png and tiff.

Is there a limit in the number of docs I can add?

Depending of your OkiOki license, 25, 70 or 200 documents per month are included as a standard. When you go above that number then there is a cost per document that will be invoiced. But there is no physical limit. You can manage as many documents in OkiOki as you'd like.

However, if your accountant offers you OkiOki, there is never a limit on the number of documents.

If there an upload size limit for documents?

Nope, there is no size limit. But be aware that large files take more time to upload, so they may affect OkiOki's performance.

Can I download my documents?

In OkiOki you can always download your documents in 3 different ways:

Download one specific document

Each document can be downloaded individually using the download feature in the document 'overflow' menu.

Download a set of specific documents

If you want to download a particular set of documents, you do so via your document list. There you can select several documents at once and download them. Of course, you can also search or filter your document list and select and download all resulting documents at once.

Download a complete archive

And finally, you can download all your documents by month, quarter or year using the 'Download Archive' menu.

OkiOki allows you to download your document-archive by month, quarter or year and you will receive the documents in both the PDF and UBL (digital invoice) formats.