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What OkiOki can do for you

What does OkiOki mean? Where does the name come from?

OkiOki is a Maori word meaning 'Feeling relaxed'. And that's how we would like every entrepreneur to feel about his financial administration. Hence, our saying 'I'm feeling OkiOki today'.

Does OkiOki help me save money?

Yes. OkiOki keeps track of invoices you haven't paid yet or that haven't been paid by your clients. In doing so, fines for late payments will be avoided and you will always be on time for payments. OkiOki will help you and your accountant get your tax submission in on time avoiding costly fines from the tax authority as well. On top of that, OkiOki is also a great time saver and we all know that time is money.  Personal time spent on administration instead of on your personal life is even more valuable.

With which accountancy software does OkiOki integrate?

OkiOki is compatible with any accountancy software or with any way of working of your accountant as long as they offer you an accountancy software email address or FTP access. Adsolut, Clearfacts, Exact Online, Expert/M, Horus, Octopus, Sage Bob, Winbooks and Yuki are just some of the compatible accountancy tools. And if they still like to work on paper, then OkiOki allows you to download your documents and send them to your accountant.

Will OkiOki replace my accounting software?

Nope, OkiOki doesn't do accounting. We would rather call it pre-pre-accounting. Because she is, first and foremost, an assistant for you as an entrepreneur to keep your administration on track. And she takes away the hassle of prepping everything for your accountant. OkiOki does help your accountant to keep your bookkeeping up-to-date and the better your books are on-track, the better your accountant can advise you.

Can I use OkiOki for my personal financial administration?

No, because OkiOki requires a VAT number at registration.

Does OkiOki also submit my quarterly/monthly taxes?

No, OkiOki does not do your tax submission, but she does help you to get your documents to your accountant in time.

Can I send an invoice with OkiOki?

Yes, in OkiOki you cannot only see sales invoices that you have added yourself or that OkiOki has found for you. You can also create and send your own invoices in OkiOki. This can be done in a few simple steps:

1. Go to your menu, click on "Documents" and then on "Sales Invoices".

2. On this page, click "New"

3. Then enter some basic information and indicate whether it is an invoice or credit note.

4. Then enter the details of your customer.

5. After that, list what you are going to invoice. OkiOki automatically calculates the totals for you based on a standard VAT rate.

6. As a final step, check your payment information.

Afterwards, OkiOki will send you a preview of your invoice. That way you can be sure that it is 100% correct. And then all that's left for you to do is to send your invoice. The look & feel of your invoice can be personalised with your own logo and colors.

Furthermore, we provide a handy payment strip on each invoice containing all payment information and a QR code, making it very easy for your customers to pay your invoice. Once sent, OkiOki will of course monitor the payment status for you and remind you via your to-do list if you have any late payers.

Can I send payment reminders to my clients?

At the moment, you cannot send automatic payment reminders for invoices in OkiOki. However, since you can create and send invoices yourself in OkiOki, and OkiOki also has access to your current outgoing invoices, she can also keep you updated on the payment status of invoices. Because for every unpaid invoice, there will be a missing transaction and OkiOki will follow up on these for you and add them to your to-do list.

By the way, there are multiple ways to get you outgoing invoices in OkiOki today:

  • In OkiOki you can create and send invoices in a few easy steps. Moreover, we provide a handy payment strip on each invoice containing all payment information and a QR code. This way, your customers can pay your invoice very easily.
  • Send them to your clients via your email address linked to OkiOki and they will be picked up automatically.
  • Send them via your favourite invoicing tool and put your linked email address in BCC and OkiOki will also pick them up.
  • If you store them already somewhere on your cloud storage, then link that cloud storage folder with OkiOki and again, OkiOki will fetch them there.
  • You can always upload them into OkiOki yourself, but hey, who wants to do that manually if OkiOki can automate it for you.

Can I make a payment with OkiOki?

Customers of Belfius, KBC, ING and BNPPF can now also pay their purchase invoices in OkiOki by simply scanning the QR code. In the coming months, we will expand our payment functionality with SEPA payment files. In the future, OkiOki will also allow you to make payments directly from accounts you have linked to OkiOki.

Can I see which payments are overdue?

Yes. Because OkiOki follows up on your transactions, she knows when an invoice is paid or not. Both incoming and outgoing invoices. This way you can avoid fines for late payments. And you know exactly which clients still have to pay you.

How does OkiOki handle the drawings account?

Private expenses paid with business money or business expenses paid with private money can be marked as such within OkiOki. This is all your accountant needs to know in order to book them on your drawings account. By the way, in OkiOki you can always leave a comment for your accountant if you would like to give them some extra information.

Your transactions

How does OkiOki get access to my bank transactions?

OkiOki connects with your bank account via the open banking standards as described by the EU. Therefore, OkiOki's mother company 33reasons NV has obtained a 'PSD2' license from the National Bank of Belgium. This requires OkiOki to comply with strict security, safety and privacy policies with regards to the data it collects, handles and stores.

In practice you link your bank account by giving your consent from within the OkiOki app. Therefore, OkiOki will redirect you to your bank where you can give your consent via Itsme or with your bank card and bank card reader.

Which banks does OkiOki support?

OkiOki support most of the Belgian Banks:

  • Argenta
  • Axa Bank
  • Bank de Kremer
  • Bank J. Van Breda & C°
  • Belfius
  • BNP Paribas Fortis
  • BPost
  • CBC
  • Crelan
  • Europabank
  • Fintro
  • Hello bank!
  • ING
  • KBC
  • KBC Brussels
  • Keytrade
  • Nagelmackers
  • Ponto
  • Triodos
  • VDK BanK

If you can't find your bank in this list, please let us know.

Which type of bank accounts can I link to OkiOki?

You can only link current accounts to OkiOki.

Can I also link my savings and investment accounts to OkiOki?

No,  this isn’t possible (yet). Information from savings and investment accounts falls outside of the PSD2 legislation and is therefore not shared by the banks. Even credit card transactions are not shared for the moment.

What should I do in case my bank account is not linked anymore?

The PSD2 regulations require that every user reconfirms his or her bank connection every 90 days. When reaching that deadline OkiOki will inform you and invite you to reconnect your bank account. Reconnecting your bank account follows the same procedure as connecting your bank account the first time. Therefore, OkiOki will redirect you to your bank where you can give your consent via Itsme or with your bank card and bank card reader.

Which credit cards does OkiOki support?

Today, OkiOki can recognise the Master Card and Visa credit card statements of the Bank Card Company (BCC).

Does OkiOki support prepaid credit cards?

OkiOki also recognizes prepaid credit card statements. Instead of monthly settlement transactions you only have the transactions to top up your card. You can’t link these transactions yet to your prepaid credit card statement. You can however easily keep them out of your to-do list by using an automation rule. Or you can just ‘Complete’ them by adding a comment or tag.

How can I add my credit card statement to OkiOki?

To add your credit card statement to OkiOki, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your menu and select "Upload document" under "Documents"
  2. In your documents, choose the scan of the statement or the PDF you received from the bank.
  3. Add your document. OkiOki will now process your expense report. This may take a few minutes as she will read your document.
  4. Afterwards OkiOki will link the transactions of your expense report to the corresponding documents. If she needs your help, she will let you know via your to-do list.

Important: If you receive your statement on paper, make sure you get a good quality scan. The reading of the different lines requires that the document is perfectly straight on the scan. Also make sure that you scan all pages of your statement for the most correct result.

What if I have two credit cards linked to the same bank account?

In that case you will probably receive one statement with an overview for each card. And you will only find one settlement transaction on your bank account. We advise you to add both overviews separately to OkiOki, because then she will recognize both cards individually and she will create an overview per credit card. You can link your monthly settlement transaction to one of the overviews.

Can OkiOki auto-manage (monthly) recurring transactions?

Yes, she can. OkiOki allows you to create automation rules to handle recurring transactions, e.g. a monthly payment for your car lease.  OkiOki will handle this recurring transaction automatically and keep it away from your to-do list. You upload your car lease contract once and after setting the automation rule every related transaction is attached to it.

My accountant uses Codabox to get access to my transactions. Should I cancel my Codabox as OkiOki now has access to my transactions directly?

OkiOki today also offers its own code files based on the account information available through the PSD2. OkiOki offers these code files at an additional cost of 1.60 euro per account per month. Since all Belgian Banks have to follow the PSD2 directive today, we can offer code files for all Belgian Banks, including Argenta and AXA. 

For some entrepreneurs or accountants it can still be useful to use CodaBox for certain accounts. Today, banks are only obliged to share their current accounts under PSD2, so OkiOki can only offer current account code files for the time being. 

In this article you will find more information about the OkiOki code files. 

How does OkiOki handle invoices that I transfer twice?

OkiOki has built in logic to avoid duplicate invoices as much as possible.

OkiOki distinguishes two types of duplicates.

  • Physical duplicates: documents that are exactly the same binary. Of these, only the first-uploaded version is stored.
  • Logical duplicates: documents that have the same extracted data, e.g. two individual scans of the same document.  If the OCR data matches, these documents are linked in OkiOki. If you then click on them, you can see that there are two versions of the document. It is up to the user to decide whether they are duplicates (delete them) or two different invoices (disconnect them).

Your documents

How does OkiOki retrieve my documents?

OkiOki can fetch documents automatically from a mailbox or a cloud storage folder. And you can always manually add document to OkiOki by snapping a photo, uploading a digital document or sending a document to your personal OkiOki email address.

Which mailboxes does OkiOki support?

OkiOki integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud/me/, Telenet, Proximus, Scarlet, Skynet, and with every mailbox that supports an IMAP connection.

Can I only add invoices and receipts?

You can add any document to OkiOki that you would like to have instantly available and/or share with your accountant. OkiOki wants to be your one-stop-shop for your financial documents. This includes contracts, agreements, tax statements…

How can I get my outgoing invoices in OkiOki?

There are multiple ways to get your outgoing invoices in OkiOki today:

  • Send them to your clients via your email address linked to OkiOki and they will be picked up automatically.
  • Send them via your favourite invoicing tool and put your linked email address or your personal OkiOki email address in BCC and OkiOki will also pick them up.
  • If you store them somewhere on your cloud storage, then link that cloud storage folder with OkiOki and again, OkiOki will fetch them for you.
  • You can always upload them into OkiOki manually, but hey, who wants to do that if OkiOki can automate it for you.

By the way, by getting your outgoing invoices into OkiOki, she will follow-up on their payment status. Because every unpaid invoice will be missing a transaction. And OkiOki keeps track of that for you.

Can I choose which documents from my mailbox are picked up by OkiOki?

No. OkiOki uses her own intelligence to decide which emails and documents are relevant for your administration. Try her out. You will see that she's quite good in doing this. There are however two ways to 'push' a document to OkiOki:

  • You can put it in a cloud storage folder. Every document in that folder will be picked up by OkiOki.
  • You can send the document to your personal OkiOki email address.

Can OkiOki help me with invoices I have to download on a supplier portal?

Yes. Lots of suppliers expect you to login to their website to download your invoice. Think about Acerta, Engie, Partena, Proximus, Velocity… OkiOki will relieve you from that hassle as well. If you store your username and password in OkiOki, then she will go and fetch your invoices on their portals. This is one of OkiOki's key strengths today.

Note: OkiOki is built with the most recent security best practices. Credentials you store in OkiOki are only available to the app and to you, even the support team cannot access them.

Can I manually add documents to OkiOki?

Yes you can. There are three ways to do so:

  • You take a picture with the OkiOki app.
  • You upload an existing document (picture/pdf) from your phone or desktop computer.
  • You send a document to your personal OkiOki email address.

Which file types can OkiOki process?

OkiOki can process the following file types: bmp, gif, jpeg, pdf, png and tiff.

Is there a limit in the number of docs I can add?

Depending of your OkiOki license, 25, 70 or 200 documents per month are included as a standard. When you go above that number then there is a cost per document that will be invoiced. But there is no physical limit. You can manage as many documents in OkiOki as you'd like.

However, if your accountant offers you OkiOki, there is never a limit on the number of documents.

If there an upload size limit for documents?

Nope, there is no size limit. But be aware that large files take more time to upload, so they may affect OkiOki's performance.

Can I download my documents?

In OkiOki you can always download your documents in 3 different ways:

Download one specific document

Each document can be downloaded individually using the download feature in the document 'overflow' menu.

Download a set of specific documents

If you want to download a particular set of documents, you do so via your document list. There you can select several documents at once and download them. Of course, you can also search or filter your document list and select and download all resulting documents at once.

Download a complete archive

And finally, you can download all your documents by month, quarter or year using the 'Download Archive' menu.

OkiOki allows you to download your document-archive by month, quarter or year and you will receive the documents in both the PDF and UBL (digital invoice) formats.

How can I search my documents?

OkiOki extracts data from your documents. Think about the supplier VAT, their company name, the account numbers, the amount… You can search your documents by these data. On top of that you can search in your comments and tags as well. This helps you to get quick access to that specific document you are looking for.

What should I do with expense documents that are business related but which I have paid with private money?

In case you have paid a business expense with private money (cash or from a personal bank account) OkiOki will never be able to trace that transaction. In that case you mark it as 'Paid with private money' and your accountant will book this expense on your drawings account.

Matching transactions & documents

How does OkiOki match documents with transactions?

OkiOki matches documents and transactions based on 3 criteria: the amount, the counterparty and the transaction/document date. If two out of the three criteria match, then OkiOki will match the document with the transaction.

What happens if OkiOki cannot match a document with a transaction?

Unmatched documents and transactions are put on your to-do list. There are several reasons why a match might not be possible and why OkiOki will need your help.

A transaction is missing a document when:

  • You received it on paper and haven't scanned it yet. Restaurant receipts or parking ticket are a good example here. And if you still receive invoices on paper, then it might be time to ask your supplier to send them by email. Btw, our how-to videos on YouTube might be able to help you make sure you receive your invoice in your mailbox.
  • The expense is not related to your business and you don't need the invoice or receipt in your administration. In that you case you need to let OkiOki now that the corresponding transaction was a private expense. Your accountant will book this transaction on your drawings account.
  • The transaction does not require a document, e.g. bank costs/interest or a cash withdrawal/deposit. OkiOki will filter those out as much as possible but in case she couldn't, you just need to let her know that it's this kind of transaction.

A document is missing a transaction when:

  • The invoice is not paid yet. OkiOki will allow you to set a payment reminder. Customers of the Belgian banks Belfius, KBC, ING and BNPPF can now also pay their purchase invoices in OkiOki by simply scanning the QR code.
  • The expense is not paid through your business bank account. In case you have paid it with private money (cash or through a personal bank account), you'll mark it as 'Paid with private money' and your accountant will book this expense on your drawings account.
  • The expense is paid with cash coming from your business account; cash you have withdrawn from the bank or that you have received from clients. In that case OkiOki will also not be able to find a transaction and you will have to let OkiOki know that is was paid with cash.
  • The document is not an invoice or receipt but still, you would like to keep and archive that document in your financial administration. Think about contracts, (personal) tax documents... Just mark them as "No invoice or receipt".

How do I handle partial payments?

Booking partial payments does not happen automatically. The risk of making a mistake that plays to the disadvantage of our users is too high.

What you can do is the following:

1. You have received/sent an invoice for an amount of 1000 euros. This is in your to-do list in OkiOki (no payment has been found that matches with the invoice).

2. You have paid a part of it (e.g. advance payment) for 400 euros. That transaction is also in your to-do list (because no document was found that matches that amount).

3. You can manually link the two:

  • Go to the transaction
  • Choose "To the booking" on the shortcut menu
  • On the detail choose the "+" icon under "Documents"
  • Select there from the list the invoice of 1000 euros
  • Link it to the transaction.

4. You will now come back to the transaction detail (booking screen) and you will see that the document and the transaction are linked.

Now you have two options: Either you want the document to disappear from your to-do list for the time being (then you have to snooze it) or you keep the document with the incomplete transaction on your to-do list.

1. If on the booking screen you choose: "Provisionally OK" (= Keep (but not yet Done!)) then the 'Incomplete' match is on your to-do list and you can complete it with the remaining amount when it is paid.

2. If you know when the second transaction is coming (e.g. in two weeks) then you can select "Snooze" on the detail screen at the top right, set the period in which this document (+transaction) may be kept from your to-do list. Confirm that date and then press "Temporarily OK" and then that document will be off your to-do list for a while.

What is a booking?

A booking is the place where documents and transactions come together when they match. You can add comments and tags to a booking for further reference or easy retrieval via our search.

Can I link multiple transactions and documents together?

Sure. On a booking you can have multiple transactions and documents. In fact a booking can consist of

  • only one transaction.
  • only one document.
  • multiple transactions.
  • multiple documents.
  • one or multiple transactions combined with one or multiple documents.

This way you can e.g. combine

  • an invoice, a credit note and a transaction.
  • a Paypal receipt with its related invoice.
  • an invoice, 2 payment transactions and a refund transaction, in case you would have paid the invoice twice.

You can add your additional transactions or documents to an entry by clicking '+ Add' next to 'Transactions' or 'Documents', depending on what you wish to add to the entry.

You and your accountant

Can I give my accountant access to OkiOki?

If OkiOki is offered to you by your accountant, then she/he will have real-time access to your data. They will automatically receive your documents and if they need more insight they can always consult OkiOki and check if you have left them any comments.

If you have bought your own OkiOki license, then you can still link OkiOki with your accountant and the accountancy software. You can do this by using your accountancy email address or via sFTP. For you to decide in accordance with your accountant. And if their software does not facilitate email addresses or sFTP then you can always download your document and send them to your accountant.

Does my accountant have access to my data?

Yes. If OkiOki is offered to you by your accountant, then they have access to the data in your OkiOki account. This way they can see which transactions are linked with which documents and they can consult the comments and tags you have added.

Does OkiOki also share my transactions with my accountant?

Yes. If OkiOki is offered to you by your accountant, then they can also see your transactions. Your transactions are key for them to be able to do your bookkeeping in case you are a legal person (BV, BVBA, NV…). If you are a natural person, then they could do without your transactions, but having insight in your transactions helps them to optimize your tax submission and to give you better advice.

How does OkiOki send documents to my accountant?

OkiOki converts your documents in real digital invoices (UBL's as they are called) and sends them directly to your accountancy (software) via your personal accountancy email address or FTP.

When does OkiOki send my documents to my accountant?

There are 2 ways in which documents can reach your accountant:

OkiOki forwards it automatically

OkiOki automatically forwards your document to your accountant as soon as she knows it is relevant for accounting purposes. This usually happens in 3 cases:

  • If OkiOki can match a document to a transaction
  • If the document is a sales invoice
  • If OkiOki can recognize that it is a document paid by credit card or direct debit. Then she snoozes the document and forwards it to your accountant.

OkiOki forwards the document after your intervention

This occurs when OkiOki is not sure if a document can be send to your accountant because she can't find a transaction. Then OkiOki will put the document on your task list and it is up to you to indicate if and how that invoice was paid. Once you take one of the following actions, OkiOki will forward the document to your bookkeeper:

  • You set a payment reminder.
  • You indicate that the document was paid by credit card, private money or cash.
  • You snooze a document.

If you delete a document, OkiOki will of course not send it to your accountant.

You can also set up your documents to be sent to your accountant only when you specify it. This is useful if you have an analytical bookkeeping system and you want to indicate to your accountant, for example, to which branch or project this document can be booked.

Can I use OkiOki if my accountant is not using OkiOki?

Sure. OkiOki is here to keep you on track, to help you save money and time. And you can still have OkiOki send your documents to your accountant via the accounting software email address. They won't see the difference. Except for the fact that they receive an UBL file and not only a PDF, which will make their life easier anyway. And if they can't offer you an email address to send it to then you can always download your documents from OkiOki at the end of the quarter and send them to your accountant yourself.

Can I see in OkiOki which documents are sent to my accountant?

There's two ways to know this:

  • In the menu item "Documents" you have a sub-item 'Not sent to accountant'. This lists all documents that have not been sent to your accountant yet.
  • For every document there is a ‘Document data’ view, where you can see the status for that specific document. You can access the "Document data" view via the overflow button on the document detail page.

Your business

Can I use OkiOki if I'm not a legal person?

Yes you can. They only thing you need is a VAT number. It even has a big advantage to do so. Accountants often don't have access to the transactions of natural persons, so they can't help you follow up on missing documents. They will solely rely on what you send them, so if you forget to supply some info, you will often lose opportunities to deduct taxes. OkiOki follows up your transactions and helps you get the right documents to your accountant.

How many users can I have on my account?

At the moment, OkiOki only offers one user per company. But you can always share your account with your colleagues so you can work together on the same administration. Of course, in that case it comes in handy if you use a more generic email address like as your username.

What if I have two companies?

Your OkiOki account is linked to an individual VAT number. So, if you have two companies you need two OkiOki accounts. This way you keep your administrations clearly separated.

What technical requirements must my computer/tablet/smartphone meet in order to use OkiOki?

To use OkiOki you must have a working internet/data connection and you must have one of the following web browsers.

The browser is the program that allows you to surf the internet. The most used ones are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge (the successor to Microsoft Internet Explorer) and Apple Safari.

Important: To link your bank account, you must meet the technical requirements of your online banking environment. View those conditions on the website of your bank.

OkiOki is tested on the latest versions of these browsers.

  • Edge: the most recent version of Edge (latest official version from Microsoft)
  • Safari: the highest version (latest official version from Apple)
  • Firefox: the latest version (latest official version from Mozilla)
  • Google Chrome: the latest version (latest official version from Google)

To find out the version of your browser, open the program and click the "Help" tab in the menu. Then click "About Edge" or "About Firefox" or "About Safari" or "About Chrome". At that point, the name and version of your browser will appear on the screen.

Recommended screen resolution: 1024 x 768 (16 bit color depth) or higher

Attention! Always use the most recent software version. Old versions of operating systems and/or browsers sometimes use outdated modules or technology. There is no support for this.

How do I add a bank account if I don't have a bank card?

Linking a bank account is a requirement for OkiOki to function correctly.

  • You have to check how your bank allows you to connect.
  • If a bank card is not required to make a connection, you can link OkiOki without a bankcard.

If the bank requires a bank card than this is currently impossible.

Your privacy & safety

What about the privacy and safety of my data?

When you sign up for OkiOki you have to accept our privacy policy and terms of use. These policies give you a complete overview of the way we handle your data. We have set up OkiOki in line with the latest security practices and we comply with all rules and regulations around data protection and secure customer authentication.

33reasons NV, the company behind OkiOki, is recognized by the National Bank of Belgium as a payment institution and is under their supervision. We are also audited annually by Google on our security standards.

This way, OkiOki can process your current accounts and mailboxes in all security and privacy, and make your administrative life easier.

Does OkiOki use 2-factor authentication?

No, OkiOki does not use 2-factor authentication today.

Integrations with other solutions

Does OkiOki integrate with Peppol?

For the moment we are not yet integrating with Peppol. But this is part of our roadmap, for incoming as well as outgoing invoices.

Does OkiOki integrate with invoicing tools?

If you create your sales invoices in an online invoicing program, those programs usually allow you to put an email address in BCC when you send an invoice. If you put the email address of the mailbox linked to OkiOki or your OkiOki email address in BCC, OkiOki will find a copy of this email and will automatically include your outgoing invoice as well.

Learn more about the easiest way to integrate OkiOki with your online invoicing software:

OkiOki also has its own invoice module, where you can create and send invoices yourself. On each invoice, we also provide a convenient payment strip containing all payment information and a QR code. This way, your customers can easily pay your invoice.

Does OkiOki integrate with Codabox?

For the moment OkiOki does not integrate with CodaBox. OkiOki retrieves your transactions by integrating directly with your bank account via the PSD2 open banking protocols.