Credit card expenses. OkiOki manages them for you as well.

Credit cards, handy to use but a pain in your administration

Your credit card expenses are not shown in your bank transactions overview. Only the monthly settlement is. The settlement correspond with the total amount on your credit card statement. This makes it hard for you and your accountant to find the matching documents for these expenses. You need to manually walk through your statement and match line byline the ‘transactions’ with a document, you have or have not found yet. Pfff.

OkiOki to the rescue

OkiOki has her own unique solution for this problem. The moment you add your credit card statement to OkiOki, she will read all expense details and translate them to individual transactions.

This way you have a handy overview of all your expense transactions. A service that the banks often don’t offer yet.

But on top that, OkiOki will be able to search for all documents related to these expenses. And you and your accountant can rest assure that every transaction is matched with the corresponding document.

A handy overview

Bank accounts & cards’ section. Now you cannot only consult your regular bank accounts but also your credit card ‘account’.

In a graph your monthly expense rhythm is visualised. With underneath an overview of all your credit card statements for that card. Per credit card statement OkiOki collects for you the individual credit card transactions, the matching documents and the settlement transaction.

Handy, not?
From the moment you ad your statement to OkiOki she will create a separate credit card overview in the ‘

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Frequently asked questions on credit cards and their statements

How do I see if a transaction is complete?

When a document or a transaction is added, it will appear on your todo list without a color marker.

When a transaction automatically links to a document, you can see this by a "mint green" line.

A blue/purple line appears when the match is not yet complete.

What about bank charges?

Your bank will credit your account with bank costs or debit your interest.

There is no document to support that.

So to mark this as done:

  • Click on the transaction (through the shortcut menu)
  • Choose for "bank charge or interest"
  • Mark it as "Complete"
  • This way, you'll take it off your to-do list

Can I also manually link my credit card settlement transaction to my credit card spending statement?

You can link the transaction through the detail of your expense statement:

  1. Go to the menu
  2. Choose for 'accounts and cards'
  3. Choose for 'your credit card'
  4. Select the first expense statement
  5. Scroll up to: "Your settlement transaction"
  6. Click on "find transaction".

There you can then link the transactions and the card is complete.

How to delete a credit card statement?

Credit card statement cannot (yet) be removed.

If you want to have it effectively removed, contact

Which credit cards does OkiOki support?

Today, OkiOki can recognise the Master Card and Visa credit card statements of the Bank Card Company (BCC).

Does OkiOki support prepaid credit cards?

OkiOki also recognizes prepaid credit card statements. Instead of monthly settlement transactions you only have the transactions to top up your card. You can’t link these transactions yet to your prepaid credit card statement. You can however easily keep them out of your todo list by using an automation rule. Or you can just ‘Complete’ them by adding a comment or tag.

How can I add my credit card statement to OkiOki?

If your banks sends you your statements digitally (PDF) you can add them to OkiOki in one of the following ways:

  • You can upload them via the ‘Add document’ button.
  • You can email them to your personal OkiOki email address.
  • You can let OkiOki fetch them from your linked cloud storage account.
  • If you still receive your statements on paper, you can easily photograph them with the OkiOki app via the ‘Add document’ button. Or in case you digitalise them with another scanning app or with your printer/scanner, then you can get them into OkiOki via one of the methods described above.

What if I have two credit cards linked to the same bank account?

In that case you will probably receive one statement with an overview for each card. And you will only find one settlement transaction on your bank account. We advise you to add both overviews separately to OkiOki. Because then she will recognize both cards individually and she will create an overview per credit card. You can link your monthly settlement transaction to one of the overviews.

What do I do with expenses paid by credit card?

If there is a document in your list that has been paid by credit card, but you have not yet received the statement yet. Then:

  1. Go to the document
  2. Choose (shortcut menu) "Snooze"
  3. Choose the option: until next credit card statement.
  4. Then that document will disappear until you upload your next expense statement.

What do I do with a credit card expense?

  1. Upload your "Expense Statement" (you will get these from the bank).
  2. Download it manually
  3. Upload it into OkiOki.
  4. The statement appears in OkiOki (Menu > Accounts and Cards).

So now that you uploaded the statement, you can match its individual lines with documents.

Why is my credit card spending being read incorrectly?

There are several potential reasons why it is read incorrectly:

  • The picture may be taken incorrectly.
  • The document may be folded in different directions, which will prevent our algorithm from capturing the data correctly.
  • Our algorithm expects several pages but we only have one. => You can take two pictures with the OkiOki application (one of each page) and then merge the two into one document.

On your smartphone, choose:

  • Add Document µ
  • Take a picture of each page
  • Then touch them in the right order
  • Choose "Merge into one file".

Can I adjust the misread amount on an invoice?

Yes, you can adjust that yourself, for documents only (transactions we can't change anything).

By going to:

  • The document detail
  • Double clicking on the incorrect amount on the card above your document
  • Adjust the amount

You can confirm or cancel that adjustment with the two icons below it (cross and check mark).

How does OkiOki handle invoices that I transfer twice?

OkiOki has built in logic to avoid duplicate invoices as much as possible.

Duplicates: OkiOki distinguishes two types of duplicates.

  • Physical duplicates: documents that are exactly the same binary. Of these, only the first-uploaded version is stored.
  • Logical duplicates: documents that have the same extracted data. E.g. two individual scans of the same document.  If the OCR data matches then these documents are linked in OkiOki. If you then click on them, you can see that there are two versions of the document. It is up to the user to decide whether they are duplicates (delete them) or two different invoices (disconnect them).