The concept behind OkiOki

The only great thing about doing your financial administration, is the relief you feel when it's done.
Now imagine if you had someone taking care of the dirty work, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It would constantly ... be done.

Imagine this wasn't just imagination.
Indeed, she is real, and her name is OkiOki.
And she is here to change your life.
Introducing a whole new way to automate your financial paperwork.

Are you ready for that done feeling? That OkiOki feeling?
Well, let take a look at how OkiOki does her trick.

There are two sides to your administration that OkiOki keeps track of.

On the one hand she keeps an eye on your transactions. Therefore she connects with you bank account and she analyses your credit card statements. They will tell her which documents your accountant probably is expecting.

On the other hand she collects your documents. She tracks your mailbox, your cloud storage and your supplier portals. And she welcomes any document you forward to her, you snap a photo of or you upload. This gives her a good picture of all your documents available.

Now comes the OkiOki match making magic.OkiOki automatically detects which transaction matches with which document.Therefore she creates a booking where the matching pairs come together.

Each document that is matched with a transaction is converted into a digital document, called a UBL file, that is transferred to your accountant.
So, as soon as OkiOki finds a match in your administration, your accountant is up-to-date as well.

Now sometimes it happens that OkiOki is still missing a document.
Is the parking ticket still in your wallet?
The booking now only contains the transaction and OkiOki adds it to your todo list.
This way you know that you will need to give OkiOki a hand finding the matching document.

OkiOki could as well be missing a transaction.Imagine an invoice that isn’t paid yet. Or did you pay it with private money?
In that case the booking only contains the document and OkiOki adds it to your todo list as well.

So you only have to pay attention to your todo list and get it down to zero.
As simple as that.
That’s the moment you’ll feel the relief that your financial administration is done.
And that’s the OkiOki feeling.

Enjoy all the benefits of OkiOki now for free for 30 days.

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1 bank account
1 mailbox
1 cloud folder
25 documents/m
€ 0.50/extra document
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2 bank accounts
2 mailboxes
2 cloud folders
70 documents/m
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3 bank accounts
3 mailboxes
3 cloud folders
200 documents/m
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