How OkiOki integrates with the accountancy software Octopus

Octopus online accounting software

Octopus is a complete accounting package. It works entirely in the cloud so you don't have to invest in expensive servers and the accountant and business owner can easily work together in real time. With Octopus, the cloud also means automatic updates and free backups.

Octopus for all types of businesses    

With almost 19 years of experience, Octopus Accountancy Software is an established name in the world of online accounting software. It is still the only Belgian player in the market. As a result, it is always up to date with the latest legislative changes and has a close relationship with its audience. Octopus listens to what can be improved and carries out a major update every two years. The result: a user-friendly and economical accounting package that takes into account the needs of its users, whether they are accountants, entrepreneurs, sole traders, companies, non-profit organizations, etc.

Octopus & OkiOki integration

Are you an entrepreneur or accountant working with Octopus? Then OkiOki herself sends all invoices and receipts as a UBL to the Octopus e-mail address.

If you, as an entrepreneur, have received your Octopus email address from your accountant, then go to the 'Transfer to accountant' screen via 'Connections'. There you choose the option 'Email' in the dropdown where you enter your Octopus email address. If your accountant has foreseen an email address per type of document (purchases, sales, miscellaneous), then you can also enter these specific email addresses here.

How OkiOki integrates with Octopus accountancy software

Tip for the accountant:

If OkiOki sends the documents to an address that starts with uid (e.g. then the documents will end up in Octopus' Document Import Viewer.

From the Document Import Viewer you can then process the documents.

Would you like different folders per type of document in the DMS? Then give your entrepreneur different e-mail addresses. To do this, go to 'Manage, Files' and click on 'Detail'. There you will see the email address of the file. If you add a word after the hyphen, in capitals e.g. "PI" for purchase invoices, and a file is sent to this email address, a subfolder is automatically created in the Document Import Viewer with this word (e.g. "PI") as its name. For example, if you send a file to then you will see the subfolder PI appear containing the correct file. This way the entrepreneur can have his or her documents arrive in a different folder per document type.

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